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The exciting prospect of building a family... The instinctive, innate, and unrivalled love a mother feels for her unborn child... The start of a new adventure with no limits… The unknowing of what life is going to bring for the mother and her new-born… Make no mistake, the very premise that all pregnancies are unique and special to the individual takes nothing away from the fact pregnancy, can be hard. And when things get hard, what’s one of the best remedies? Wine!  According to the Association of Medical Sciences, the most common social problems faced by pregnant women are things...

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It’s simple. There are hundreds of reasons of what going alcohol free does to your mind and body (positive, of course!). And quitting alcohol doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all your favourite drinks as well. Nonalcoholic alternatives exist for a reason and are usually healthier for you as well. But don’t worry, we have condensed a list of all the main benefits from cutting out alcohol.  Your mood increases Say goodbye to mood swings! The chemical imbalance in your head that is caused from consuming alcohol (a depressant) will soon resort back to normal and you will...

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