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GIMBER - GINGER Health Drink 700ml ABV0%

GIMBER - GINGER Health Drink 700ml ABV0%

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Non-Alcoholic Kcal 14/100ml 

Gimber is the alternative for any alcoholic drink. We packed this concentrate with the best Peruvian ginger, lemons, herbs, spices and gems in order to present your taste buds with a tango.

Gimber is a medicinal drink a natural anti-inflammatory drink which helps alleviate your aches and pains.  Drink Gimber regularly it will help build your immunity which will protect you against colds and coughs. Try the liquid gold drink versatile yet resilient. 

Tasting notes:
Gimber is packed with ginger which contains gingerol, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial aspects. It’s good for digestion, lowers cholesterol levels and is phenomenal mix to many cocktails
Grape Variety:
Storage temperature:
6-8 degrees
Serving temperature:

Why this healthy drink is an excellent choice 
Gimber gives you a unique taste experience and easily replaces any alcoholic beverage thanks to its flavored nature and spicy bite in the end.

100% Alcohol Free | Non Alcoholic Wine.

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