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1 x VIBE Rossa Rosé Prosecco 0% x 70cl The rose is fruity and floral in flavour and it's finished with the delicate unmistakable aromas of the fresh grapes, creating a sophisticated and effervescent bouquet. Best served chilled 7°c – 8°c Pair with: White meat, Shellfish   1 x VIBE Bianca Prosecco 0% x 70cl  The white and our gold bottle is fresh and delicate in flavour and is finished with the sparkle of carbon dioxide which makes it visible for fine and long-lasting effervesce. Best served chilled 6°c – 8°c Pair with: Antipasti, Fish   Both wines are packed with fresh, fruity & delicate in flavour with a long-lasting fizz    100% Alcohol Free | Non Alcoholic Wine