10 Health Benefits of Going Alcohol Free

10 Health Benefits of Going Alcohol Free

It’s simple. There are hundreds of reasons of what going alcohol free does to your mind and body (positive, of course!). And quitting alcohol doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all your favourite drinks as well. Nonalcoholic alternatives exist for a reason and are usually healthier for you as well.

But don’t worry, we have condensed a list of all the main benefits from cutting out alcohol. 

  1. Your mood increases

Say goodbye to mood swings! The chemical imbalance in your head that is caused from consuming alcohol (a depressant) will soon resort back to normal and you will feel happier, for longer.

  1. Save money

Less money spent on alcohol means more money in your pocket, its self-explanatory! Treat yourself!

  1. Skin looks radiant

Alcohol dehydrates you and makes your skin look tired, so quitting the drink repairs the cells in your skin that keeps you looking hydrated and younger.

  1. Confidence increases

You won’t need a beer in hand to have a conversation with someone, putting down the drink will increase your mood, your health and how you feel about yourself. And this will give you all the confidence you need in yourself.

  1. You get slimmer

Alcohol is considered empty calories. It has nearly twice as many carbs as normal food that gives you the nutrients you need, so cutting down will decrease your overall calorie intake, and stop the carb-cravings you get when you have a hangover.

  1. More energy

Sleeping better gives you more energy to accomplish your daily tasks

  1. Healthy heart and liver

Giving up alcohol reduces 15% of fat in your liver and will eliminate that sluggish feeling and lessening your chances of heart or liver complications.  

  1. More time to do what you love

Less time hungover = more time to do what you love. Whether it be spending times with friends or family or starting a hobby. Without those days in bed trying to cure a hangover, you can get back to doing what you want to do.

  1. Good night’s sleep

You never get a good night’s rest after drinking because we are depriving ourselves from REM sleep and Slow Wave Sleep, which physically rejuvenates us and allows us to learn and remember.

  1. Increased memory & intelligence

Alcohol impacts your brain function and not only when you’re drinking. Your brain can suffer the effects for up to 3 days after having a drink, so quitting allows the brain to repair itself and increases your ability to think clearly and retain more information.

So, think about participating in dry January next month and you will see reap the benefits of a healthy mind and body.

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