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Organic Jinger Liquid Gold 200ml

Organic Jinger Liquid Gold 200ml

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Ingredients:  Water, 39% Ginger*, Lemon*, Lime*, 11% Cane Sugar*, Herbs and Spices* (*Organic Origin)

JINGER is a superfood cold pressed  it’s packed with vitamins that contains gingerol, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial aspects. It’s great for digestion, nausea, sickness and hangovers it also helps lower inflammation great for arthritis, lowers cholesterol levels and is the phenomenal mix for many cocktails

Mix 20ml with hot water add some fresh mint and a slice of lemon, great for a detox super hydrating. 

Mix 20 ml in tonic water, sparkling water on the rocks or off the rocks!!

Take 20-30ml neat if you have a hangover, indigestion or feel under the weather.


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