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We have launched an alcohol-free mixed wine bundle for you to enjoy!  Bundle includes: 

Dr ZenZen Dornfelder Red Wine is a delightful shiny cherry with subtle aromas of pomegranate & red currant. It has ripe cassis and berry flavours and has had the alcohol removed carefully. Beautiful aromatic Dornfelder - fully alcohol-free 

Made using a gentle de-alcoholisation process, DR. ZENZEN Dornfelder Alcohol-Free red wine is a stunning feat. Created with ripe cassis and deep, red berry flavours, it has everything you crave in red wine but it’s totally alcohol-free. Created to be paired perfectly with red meat and dark chocolate, it’s full-bodied yet balanced for an all-encompassing mouthfeel, surprising non-believers that non-alcoholic red wine could possibly taste so good. Finally, a red wine that won’t leave you under the table. 

Guiltless Wines Cabernet Sauvignon - A sweet, blackberry fruit aroma with hints of cabernet variety, harmonized by subtle hints of oak A sweet, drink with slightly distinguishable tannin and a characteristic acidity that makes it light and agreeable. As with the nose, fruit flavours are noted, integrated through the enveloping and pleasant tannic structure of the grapes. The tannins are soft without spikes and heighten the passage through the mouth. It has a fruity retronasal and a medium, pleasant aftertaste, in which the same aromas persist as in the nose.

 Pierre Zero Merlot  Prestige (best seller) - 0%  Non-Alcoholic Intense ruby colour with red fruity aroma. This red wine shows freshness, balance and youth that wills to delight the senses. Grapes are harvested at night to take advantage of the lower temperatures, when sugar levels are most stable. Traditional wine making and production methods are then performed before the alcohol is gently removed, maintaining the wonderful body and freshness of a premium French wine. Tasting notes: Expect stunning shades of ruby red to fill the glass, as you indulge in the richness of Pierre Zero Merlot. This wine harvested late at night hits the nose and palate with dark fruit flavours, as well as earthy undertones of oak. Alcohol: 0.0% vol Grape Variety: Merlot Storage temperature: Constant, between 10 to 12 celsius Serving temperature: 8 to 10 celsius Storage: 8 to 10 celsius