Benefits Of Living A Sober Life

5 Benefits Of Living A Sober Life

Every year there are more of us not drinking for a month at a time, whether it be Dry January or Go Sober for October. But what are the benefits to your own health for doing this rather than just raising money for charity?

Of course, it is a big achievement being able to raise money for a good cause, but there are so many health benefits that will make you want to ditch the booze for longer and ultimately live a cheerier and healthier life. These 5 benefits are...

  1. You lose weight!

It is a known fact that alcohol slows down your metabolism, so it’s harder for your body to process the nutrients we need. Giving up the booze for a month or more can significantly improve your metabolism and your gut health.

  1. You get a better night’s sleep

Getting to sleep after a night of boozing disrupts the quality of our sleep which impacts how we feel the next day. Cutting out alcohol for a month or more can help you sleep well for longer and will make you feel more alert and more motivated to do all your daily tasks.

  1. Hydration is key

Ever wondered why your skin looks dull or dry after a heavy weekend? Alcohol causes you to dehydrate which causes our skin to look lifeless, blotchy and puffy. A month of no drinking will restore the collagen in your skin and increase the smoothness of the skins surface, restore a healthy hydration level in your body and become a more glowing you. 

  1. Reduce your chance of health scares

Decreasing the amount of alcohol drank, especially for periods at a time can reduce your risk of cancer, liver and heart failure. So, put down the drink and swap it for a green tea can really impact your health and wellbeing.

  1. Your mood will improve every day!

We all know that alcohol makes us temporarily content, however it is a known depressant. Alcohol creates a chemical imbalance in our brains – which is never good. Putting the booze down for a month or more will significantly prevent mood swings and increase happiness, and our memory in the long run.

But if you can’t commit fully to no alcohol, even if you like the taste – think about 0% alcohol alternatives. Giving you all the flavour, none of the fuss!


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