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Sparkling Luxury Espora 24K Gold - ABV 0%

Sparkling Luxury Espora 24K Gold - ABV 0%

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Luxury non-Alcoholic sparkling  24ct Gold Champagne Sparkling  A luxury non-alcoholic champagne that feels light and refreshing with a touch of fruitiness.  Its effervescence is enhanced due to the centuries-old wine-making process, and the natural bubbles are then highlighted further by adding real, edible, 24K gold flakes. This high-quality drink is made from a blend of Chardonnay and Macabeo grape varieties, which have been aged for 3 years in a cellar.  The gold flakes are treated to ensure easy absorption. This treat is ideal for any special occasion or celebration.  A great aperitif or accompaniment to light meals, appetisers or hors d’oeuvres.  It also comes in an elegantly designed bottle being the perfect gift. AROMAJust shy of dryness, fruity, citrus blossom aromatics and freshness, toasty aromas leading to delicious tangy citrus flavours in a soft creamy texture. TASTING NOTEStraw yellow colour with elegance and persistent bubbles. Clean and fruity aroma with citrus character and an undertone of floral notes. The full-bodied Champagne offers a magnificent presence on the palate, dry but at the same time fruity, and a lingering aftertaste with very well balanced carbonic gas.    

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