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Guiltless Wines (CarpediemsfinestLTD)

Spanish Chardonnay- Espora

Spanish Chardonnay- Espora

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Espora Chardonnay - ABV0%  Kcal 12/100ml A perfect balance of floral aromas with mango and melon standing out.  Smooth feeling in your mouth, leaving a sweetness with citrus hints of orange peel. This drink presents an in-mouth density, which is combined nicely with the freshness of a lasting and silky passing with an aftertaste of beautifully ripened fruit. It is an ideal drink for consumption at home during everyday life and pairs nicely with daily meals or even fast food.  Tastes lovely when combined with an aperitif or can be enjoyed alone.

12KCAL per 100ml 

0g sugar 

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