Italian Sparkling Rosé ABV0%

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Enjoy La Dolce Vita with the taste of real Italian Spumante without alcohol! 

Alcohol free Italian Spumante with distinctive aromatic hints. Twenties is a sophisticated sweet sparkling wine, packed with fruity and floral scents, enjoy notes of rose, red fruit and a  wonderful back drop of Turkish delight. Grape varieties Trebbiano and Moscato. NO ADDED SUGAR - NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS - NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS  

The wine has undergone a special process of dealcoholisation in such a way as to maintain its  original qualities. 

It is suitable for people on a slimming diet and safe for drivers, pregnant women and  breastfeeding mothers. 

Net volume: 750 ml  -  Kcal 35/100ml

100% Alcohol Free | Non Alcoholic Wine