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Gold 0 22-carat - Luxury Sparkling Wine ABV0%

Gold 0 22-carat - Luxury Sparkling Wine ABV0%

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Gold 0% is a unique alcohol-free sparkling white wine with a clear light yellow colour.

There is a real “savoir-faire” behind the brand and the quality of this outstanding alcohol-free sparkling wine with 3 generations of winemakers.

Produced in small tanks, it will keep and preserve the particularity of the unique wines during the fermentation process, which will result in small cuvées of excellent quality. We have a golden hand when it is prepared for sparkling wine.

Gold 0 is made in a natural way, after which the alcohol is extracted from the wine.

This sparkling grape juice is perfect for sparkling lovers who want to enjoy the fizz without alcohol.

Varietal designation Pinot Blanc
Flavour Pinot noir
Vintage NV
Region Produced In Germany

Perfect for any celebration

750 ml 

100% Alcohol-Free | Non-Alcoholic Wine

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