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Guiltless Wines (CarpediemsfinestLTD)

Garlic and Ginger Concentrate 500ML

Garlic and Ginger Concentrate 500ML

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 Garlic and Ginger - Discover the harmonious blend of two extraordinary ingredients, Garlic and Ginger, meticulously crafted into a tonic to help reduce cholesterol levels

  • Cardiovascular Support: Enhance your heart health with every sip. Garlic is known to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, while ginger supports circulation and reduces the risk of heart-related issues, making this drink an excellent choice for those concerned with cardiovascular wellness. 

We have used organic Ginger & Garlic, cayenne pepper and organic forest honey with apple cider vinegar. 

How to drink.

Dilute 20ml in water take daily preferably every morning. You can take a shot if your brave.  I would recommend you dilute  30ml of water add 20ml Garlik and drink with a straw, followed by a shot of turmeric!

 This drink must be stored in the fridge shake well before use.



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