Scavi and Ray Vegan - Sparkling ABV0%

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75cl SCAVI & RAY NON-ALCOHOLIC SPARKLING is absolutely on trend. A gently vacuum-based de-alcoholisation process preserves the rich, round aromas to create a high-quality product that is 0 % alcohol. The sparkling non-alcoholic drink indulges the palate with exhilarating freshness, a fresh nose and a fruity tang. And all without any alcohol whatsoever. It is the fruity notes in particular that make SCAVI & RAY NON- ALCOHOLIC SPARKLING so refreshing and authentic. The elegant shimmering sapphire-green bottle completes the look. VINEYARD Cuvée Vino Bianco italiano COLOR light yellow with green hues SERVING TEMPERATURE 8 - 10 °C ALCOHOL CONTENT 0.0% TASTE PROFILE clean on the palate, juicy, pleasantly sweet, excellent perlage, pear, medium body and length BUKET clean on the nose, pear and citrus scented with slightly smoky notes and subtle vanilla