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Guiltless Wines (CarpediemsfinestLTD)

The Best Gin - Sober Gin 0.0%

The Best Gin - Sober Gin 0.0%

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SoberGin 0.0%: Taste guilt-free pleasure!

Made from an authentic French Gin, the aromatic of SoberGin 0.0% is typical of a Dry London, herbaceous, centered on cardamom and juniper with an almond background.

A cocktail made with SoberGin 0.0% is just as tasty and 10x less caloric than a cocktail with a classic gin.

1 bottle = 10 to 12 cocktails.

SoberGin 0.0%: not a single drop of alcohol, guaranteed 0.00% alcohol, perfect for pregnant and breastfeeding women!

Included with any purchase:
A cocktail course offered with Calixte, the creator of Sober Spirits, something to amaze your guests!
3 easy and essential recipes for a healthy, gourmet and uncompromising aperitif! With tips, tricks and techniques from bartenders to make your cocktails a success at home.
International awards:

Silver medal 2021 & 2022 at the IWSC international competition in London.
Silver medal 2021 & 2022 at the HKWSC international competition in Hong Kong.
Silver Medal 2023 at the international competition The Spirits Business.



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