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Mixed Bundle - Espora

Mixed Bundle - Espora

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Espora Chardonnay - White:

Light intensity, pale yellow colour with green tone. A perfect balance of floral aromas with mango and melon standing out.  Smooth feeling in your mouth, leaving a sweetness with citrus hints of orange peel. This drink presents an in-mouth density, which is combined nicely with the freshness of a lasting and silky passing with an aftertaste of beautifully ripened fruit. It is an ideal drink for consumption at home during everyday life and pairs nicely with daily meals or even fast food.  Tastes lovely when combined with an aperitif or can be enjoyed alone.

Espora Merlot Rose:

Pale Pink with coral reflections, fresh and fruity. Lovely balance between freshness and roundness with red berry notes and lovely persistence. Aromas of red berries and flora aromas.The clear and profound nose that allows the intense aromas of the varietals to be perceived. The palate is balanced in body and acidity, with good retronasal sensations and prolonged finish.Its structure in the mouth is fresh, highlighting the sensations of strawberries and raspberries. An aperitif or paired with exotic dishes, grills and salads. Best with Spanish cold fish, ensalada cangrejo or other cold cuts such as salcicion and jamon.

Espora Cabernet Sauvignon - Red:
A sweet, blackberry fruit aroma with hints of cabernet variety, harmonized by subtle hints of oak A sweet, drink with slightly distinguishable tannin and a characteristic acidity that makes it light and agreeable. As with the nose, fruit flavours are noted, integrated through the enveloping and pleasant tannic structure of the grapes. The tannins are soft without spikes and heighten the passage through the mouth. It has a fruity retronasal and a medium, pleasant aftertaste, in which the same aromas persist as in the nose.

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