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Tautila Sauvignon Blanco - ABV 0%

Tautila Sauvignon Blanco - ABV 0%

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Señorio de la Tautila Blanco non-alcoholic white wine comes from the Airen grapes, which combine the sweetness and aroma of its origin with the necessary density to make this wine a great companion. It is carefully produced dealcoholized just before bottling, preserving its complexity and extracting only the alcoholic and calorific  content from this citrus-scented white.

Serving Temperature: 8-10ºC Storage Temperature: Below

10ºC Alcohol Content: 0.0% Type: White Wine Country of Production: Spain Grape: Airén Calories: 19Kcal/100ml Carbohydrates: 4g/100ml 100% Alcohol-Free | Non-Alcoholic Wine

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